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Engineering, applications and websites

We develop applications and web pages with our design team; engineering, technology and design come together in our projects to enhance their market presence. We are experts in different programming and layout languages and database management as HTML, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, XML and dynamic technologies such as AJAX, jQuery, JSON etc ... and in the creation of 100% dynamic websites, sites aimed to better positioning and in the creation of private intranets and applications.

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In Bitmap Company we offer custom development tailored to the needs of our customers for maximum flexibility, looking for the perfect balance between visual appearance and usability. We develop corporate websites, online stores, communities, blogs, social networks and platforms or any site or application that our customers need. We make use of service-oriented architecture to support your business such as our content management panels integrated with your website which may allow saving on development costs while increasing performance and safety of your project. We can optimize your web development for natural positioning it in search engines like google, bing and many more, as well as integrate with the most popular social networks.

We also created software that will make it easier to work every day in your company through which you can for example sort the information regarding your customers and suppliers, to track your sales activity, automate tasks, procedural or manage invoices, orders, stocks and billing. you will also receive our support and warranty service and maintenance. Our engineering and programming team specializes in the following tasks:

- Static web programming (HTML, CSS).

- Client side or browser web programming (Javascript and Ajax technologies, JQuery, JSON).

- Server side web programming (PHP).

- Database design and management (MySQL).

- Development of multimedia web content (Flash, Actionscript).

- Search engine optimization (SEO).

- Web accessibility and usability.

Graphic design and user interfaces

We do all kind of corporate design: Creating logos, posters, brochures, business cards, web design and user interface designs for the applications we develop. We take into account the needs of our customers, we conduct studies of its sector and conduct usability studies with our programming team to make navigation of users as most comfortable as possible; we generate visual impact too, distribute the contents and make our projects as attractive as possible. Usability is a crucial factor linked to graphic design and communication.

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We apply our experience and creativity to be apart from the competition with the image you need both with physical and digital marketing oriented designs. We have experience in fundamental factors such as website usability, prioritizing the navigability, doing processes and tasks as intuitive as possible. We conduct usability studies and build on them or we rely in others who have previously shown to be optimal enough. Full loaded and recharged designs of graphics or animations that make navigation difficult or distract users have gone down in history, prioritizing now the information architecture, the layout of the messages to be transmitted, the distribution of content and color management .

- Graphic design, web layout and photo retouching.

- Logo design in line with your corporate image.

- Design and printing of business cards of cardboard, plastic and metal.

- Custom billboards, catalogs, brochures, covers, calendars and envelopes.

- T-shirts, lighters and merchandising.

Marketing and technology consulting

Sometimes it is not enough to have a good art design or the ultimate technology, being necessary to target certain project objectives both in the field of marketing and within your company. We position your project in search engines, create custom advertising campaigns, improve your image on social media or offer you a community manager to generate constant activity on the network. We offer qualified personnel in various areas related to the promotion and web communication who can audit the performance of your project to try to improve their results.

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Promote your project, invest in internet wisely and let us guide your strategy to success with our help.

Search engine optimization (SEO): We position your web page or application at the top of the most used search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc.). We manage your budget to help you get results in the shortest possible time and achieve long-term stability. We have approved personnel by Google who can manage pay per click campaigns like Google AdWords for you or campaigns on social networks like Facebook. Our programming team can also help you to optimize your page for the natural positioning of it.

Social Media Marketing: Creating blogs into the domain of your project, the popularity in social networks, the presence in media channels like YouTube, the consistency in updating the contents or the way of organizing them into your website are elements that can position your website in a natural way. If you do not have time for content creation, you can hire a community manager at Bitmap Company for your disposal so that you can have active and constant presence on the net at a reduced cost.

- SEO (search engine optimization).

- Management of advertising campaigns on search engines and social networks.

- Hire the services of a community manager to generate constant activity on the network.

- Technology consulting: We study your case, we shape your business and seek solutions.

- New methods for saling and contacting potential customers, immediate feedback.

Hosting, domains and maintenance

In Bitmap Company we take care of the pages and applications that we have developed throughout all their life cycle offering comprehensive maintenance that includes hosting, the buying of domains and support so that you have all the guarantees of that your website is operating properly. Let us all technical aspects and do not worry about maintenance tasks. We have also created BitmapHost, a hosting and domain registration service intended for independent developers with knowledge of databases and hosting management panels who wish to host their own projects on our servers.

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We have our own servers to ensure full availability of your projects, we offer various plans of both maintenance and hosting for our customers so they can host their projects safely, leaving us all possible steps. Our servers provide maximum availability guarantee to prevent falls, errors and any other problems resulting from poor management.

- Full maintenance plans with managed hostig.

- Hosting on shared servers and domain registration.

- Dedicated servers for projects requiring higher performance.

- Connectivity services stability time to 99% and supervision for 24 hours and 365 days a year.

- Technical support via email, phone or chat.

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