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Graphic design and user interfaces | Bitmap Company

Graphic design and user interfaces

Graphic design and user interfaces

We create all kind of corporate design: Logos, posters, brochures, business cards, web design or user interface design for the applications we develop. We take into account the needs of our customers, conduct a studies of its sector and conduct usability analysis with our programming team to make the navigation as comfortable as possible, generate visual impact, distribute content and make our projects as attractive as possible. Usability is an essential factor together with the graphic design and communication.

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We apply our experience and creativity to be apart from the competition with the image you need both with physical and digital marketing oriented designs. We have experience in fundamental factors such as website usability, prioritizing the navigability, doing processes and tasks as intuitive as possible. We conduct usability studies and build on them or we rely in others who have previously shown to be optimal enough. Full loaded and recharged designs of graphics or animations that make navigation difficult or distract users have gone down in history, prioritizing now the information architecture, the layout of the messages to be transmitted, the distribution of content and color management .

- Graphic design, web layout and photo retouching.

- Logo design in line with your corporate image.

- Design and printing of business cards of cardboard, plastic and metal.

- Custom billboards, catalogs, brochures, covers, calendars and envelopes.

- T-shirts, lighters and merchandising.

Graphical interfaces and usability

We create comfortable and attractive interfaces that prioritize ease of use to capture the attention of users in the shortest possible time. We consider the layout of the messages, the distribution of content and color management. We are designers specialized in the internet and digital marketing oriented.

  • Responsive interfaces adaptable to different screen formats.
  • We work closely with our engineering team.
  • We seek the perfect balance between visual appearance and usability.

Corporate image and promotion

We create your corporate image, from logo design to modern promotional posters, brochures, catalogs (web and paper), banners, t-shirts, lighters and other merchandising. We are communication specialists.

  • We create messages and know how and where to place them.
  • Design logos, posters, brochures and catalogs.
  • Ca, plastic and metal; differentiate yourself from the competition!

Photography and photo retouching

We carry out photographic reports and retouch photos for both posters, for promotional purposes or to eliminate defects. If your project requires it, we can move to make a photographic report and create an album or catalog in your web or in printed paper.

  • Because a web project improves a lot with the right pictures.
  • Professional photography and photo retouching.
  • Both digital and printed albums.
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